Motorcycle Steel Rims Making Production Line Machine

Auto Wheel Rim Making Production line Machine & special Automation equipment’s which to form steel strips into wheel rims in different diameter for motorcycle, bicycle, Scooter Tractor trolley, Commercial carrier etc . We Provides the global customer best plan high efficiency and high production for the best Wheel rim production line whole-plant 

Bicycle/ Motorcycle Mudguard Fender Rolling Machine

World Fastest Automatic Front Rear Fender or Mudguard Roll Forming Machine suitable for CRC Steel with production capacity of 3000 to 3500 Mudguard per day 8 hours shift. The machine is fully PLC controlled and World first High Capacity Online Mudguard Cutting Machine. 

Metal Roofing Roll Forming Machine

Various Metal roof roll forming machines can produce different shapes of steel roof, wall sheets according to the clients' We design as per our standard and provided profile drawings and requirement of the customer. Metal roof, sheets are new building materials with various thickness and colors.  

Automatic C/U Shape Roll Forming Machine

  Automatic C/U Shape Roll Forming Machine for CRC, galvanized steel or thin steel plate by a special rolling mill to multi-channel process from the rolling. It has the strength, versatility, fire resistance is good, easy to install, etc., can be equipped with various types of gypsum board, calcium plastic plate, sound-absorbing panels. 

C / Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine for light Building & Structure

  C / Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine for Light Weight Building and Structures. C / Z Purlin Machine is a machine can produce many sizes , Generally, there are three types of machine, c purlin machine, z Purlin Roll Forming Machine, c z Roll Forming Machine. The Web width can be 80-300mm Flange height can be 30-80, it is adjustable from min to max. The size of holes can be design by customers.  

Automatic Guide Rail Roll Forming Machine

Highway Guide Rail Roll Forming Machine. Guide rails are widely used in National Highway Road Sides Protection, Shutter frame, building structures. Our Company is engaged in the produce, design, adjustment and installation all sorts of guide rail roll forming machine, and accessory machines with more than 18 years’ experience in this field.  

Wheel Rim / Fender Production Line

Wheel Rim Roll Forming Production Line Machines

We are – Neeraj Enterprises – a globally recognized Roll forming Line Machines Manufacturer for Wheel Rims like as Motorcycle Rim, Scooter Rim, Cycle Rim, E-Rickshaw Rim, Solar Rickshaw, Three Wheeler/ Tractor Wheel Rim  with proprietary design and manufacturing know-how and we have been supplying to all reputed Indian OEM's and across the globe since 1996 who Manufacture Wheel Rims.  


As a machine manufacturer company that accumulated know-how and expertise in sheet metal forming sector almost 24 years, we provide not only single machinery solutions to various markets like automotive, agriculture, manufacturing industry, but also offer turnkey solutions for various production lines. 

Incorporating the expertise and know-how of wheel technologies gained by delivery of machines and lines to the wheel industry with the creative and innovative design workforce, we present also cost-effective and unique solutions for Motorcycle, Scooter, Three Wheeler and E-rickshaw wheel manufacturing with advance technologies. As a wheel Rim plant machinery supplier, we also design and manufacture the necessary tooling for various production machines, including the assembly and welding fixtures. 

We have a long-standing policy of focusing on customer needs, after-sales service and persistent quality. Each staff member is tasked daily with improving individual and collective performance in meeting these goals. ISO 9001 certification and CE marking procedure are mere signs of Neeraj Enterprises dedication to quality.  

Scooter / E-Rickshaw Wheel Rim Production Line

We supply the following wheel Rim production lines and separate machines for the wheel manufacturing sector by the solutions of turnkey, fully automated technologies; 

  • Disc and Rim Production Lines for Scooter,& 3 Wheeler
  • E-Rickshaw and Special Purpose Commercial Vehicle
  • Rim Preparation Line 
  • Rim Profiling Line 
  • Rim & Disc Assembly Line 
  • Cut-to-length lines
  • Disc forming presses
  • Coilers, Decoilers and flatteners
  • Butt Welders (AC/DC)
  • Weld trimmers
  • Planishers, side-trimmers
  • Re-rounders / Strike Tools
  • Rim Roll formimg Machine (rim rollers) 
  • Expanders and Shrinkers
  • Hydraulic presses (for valve hole, de-burring and assembly)
  • Assembly welders (AC) and welding mechanization
  • Uniformity measurement units
  •  Tooling and die sets.  

Motorcycle Rim & Mudguard, Fender Production Line

We supply manual to fully automated, turnkey wheel rim production lines as well as single machines for the production of Motorcycle Rim, Bicycle Rim, Scooter Rim, Motorcycle Mudguards and 3 Wheeler Rim, Agriculture Wheels Rim. 

Furthermore, we are able to offer wheel production technology and process know-how to improve product quality and production efficiency of our customers. From rim preparation to profiling, disc production, assembly as well as finishing or testing, we have been providing superior equipment and top quality tooling to the wheel industry for more than 40 years. 

Our fully automated Hydraulic Press Lines were specially designed for the manufacture of Motorcycle, Bicycle, Scooter, Motorcycle Mudguards and three wheelers, agriculture wheels and lightweight commercial vehicle discs. The process is completely automated with a production capacity of 500 or 700 wheel discs per 8 hour. 

The simultaneous movement of all the presses in the line with flexible transfer mechanisms allow for competitively short cycle times and more compact production plant layouts. We have designed the automatic transfer mechanisms in between presses for maximum flexibility and minimum cycle times. We also design and supply automatic/quick Tool Changing System for a smoother operation.